Chard, broccoli, apples, mustard greens, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, okra, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon

Meal Ideas: Baba Ganoush with carrots, Broccoli Chicken Alfredo, Okra Salsa, Mustard Greens with Apples Salad (try serving with pork chops), Caramelized Broccoli and Garlic, Swiss Chard and Rice Soup, Carrot Top Pesto, BLTs with fresh heirloom tomatoes.

Food Waste Tip: You can eat broccoli stems! Just trim and peel the stalk. I like to grate it up to add to fried rice or make a veggie cake, or you can chop it up and saute it along with your other vegetables.