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Food Assistance Currencies

A large part of expanding access to the Farmers Markets is the use of an alternative currency system. We distribute and redeem various food assistance currencies to support folks with food assistance benefits. 

These Include:

  • SNAP
  • Double Up Food Bucks
  • WIC Project FRESH
  • Senior Project FRESH
  • Hoop Houses for Health

While the bottom three programs are administered through other Kalamazoo partners and have a few more qualifications, SNAP and Double Up are distributed right on the market and available to all with a Bridge Card.

Visit the office at either market to learn more and try it out!

Frequently asked Questions:

What can I BUY?



Wooden SNAP tokens are tied to the market you received them at- green Kalamazoo tokens can only be used in Kalamazoo, blue Portage tokens in Portage, etc. Silver Double Up tokens can be used at all markets that accept them across Michigan, and even other states around the US! Click here to see all Michigan Locations.

How do I use my Double up tokens?

You can spend your tokens with vendors just like you would cash, the only difference is that you can't receive change. Most products are sold in whole dollar amounts though, so you can usually work it out with the vendor. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks works.


No. Double Up is an incentive program to help those in need have access to more fruits and vegetables, and tokens can not be traded in for another type. We realize not everyone is crazy about fruits and vegetables... but this is a low risk way for you to try new things! Check out our recipes blog for some ideas.


Once per day! Our markets are open four days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, which means you could get up to $80 extra per week to spend on groceries by visiting all four. You don't have to use all of your tokens on that day either- they're good all season! Many customers will save up throughout the year to buy flats of strawberries or bushels of tomatoes to preserve for winter. 

Can i use my wic card at the market?

No. At this time we can only accept WIC Project Fresh coupons.

i heard this program is in grocery stores too?

Yes! Head on over to PFC Natural Grocery and Deli, Park Street Market, and Town and Country to learn more about how the Double Up Food Bucks works in each store, year round. Tokens are only accepted at farmers markets.

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