Golden Beets, Oyster Mushrooms, greenhouse grown snap peas, radishes, micro greens, broccoli, kohlrabi, bok choy, greenhouse grown tomatoes, lettuce, pizza sauce, and eggs. Not pictured- lake trout

Meal Ideas: fish tacos, kohlrabi radish slaw, veggie pizza, mushroom and broccoli stir fry, garlic ginger bok choy and eggs, broccoli and beet salad, and microgreen omelettes with browned buttered radishes.

A note on seasonality: The most popular question/complaint we get this time of year is that there are tomatoes at the market and that they are not in season or local. That's half true! Tomatoes are not in season yet and won't be harvested from the fields for a while. Yes, some farmers are retailing tomatoes that they have bought else where*, but luckily a few of our farmers have greenhouses so they can bring in some crops like tomatoes and snap peas a bit earlier then most.


*Retailers do play a role in the market as well though by providing these off season products- you'd probably be buying them from Meijer or another chain weekly in the end, but this way you can complete your grocery trip at the market and still support a small business. Retailing items in the off season also helps some to keep a year round income. After all, farmers have to eat too!