Kale, paw paw, heirloom tomato, salad mix, eggplant, honeycrisp apples, red and golden delicious apples, cubanelle peppers, okra, thyme, cherry tomatoes, osage oranges, watermelon radishes, sweet bell peppers, potatoes, red and yellow onions, garlic, bulls horn peppers.

Meal Ideas: Pasta with Eggplant SaucePaw Paw Pudding, Pickled Watermelon Radishes, Roasted Garlic and Thyme Potatoes with Chicken, Tomato and Okra Cornmeal Cakes, Kale Pesto Pasta

What are Osage Oranges? You might have heard them called prairie hedge, hedge apple, horse apple, bowwood or yellow-wood. They are an ugly, inedible fruit with furrows and thorns and coarse hair. When cut they ooze a milky, sticky substance. Sounds appealing, eh? It's said that they can act as a pest control, and they were commonly planted as fences back in the settler days. According to Heather from Elder Fire Farm Arts, "The wood from the tree is some of the hardest available in our area. Beware though, they can pop tractor tires, and the squirrels love to eat the seeds which is really cute in the Fall".