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Amaranth Microgreens, Cucumbers, Rhubarb, Carrots, Leeks, Popcorn, Radishes, Asparagus, Bok Choy

Featured Produce: Asparagus
China leads global production, followed by Peru and then the US (especially in California, Washington and Michigan). Germany is also famous for asparagus, especially the white variety.

Here are 7 things to make with it this season:

The biggest complaint we hear from market shoppers is that things are too expensive. There’s a lot that goes into that comment, but we thought we would make an effort this season to document our market haul costs to give a general idea for those unfamiliar with farmers markets. This week we spent $53 in total, which is enough to feed myself and my husband for the week, as well as our pet rabbit who really loves those carrot and radish tops. I got all that is pictured above, as well as some extras that didn’t make it in the shot but are documented below.

$7- two cartons of eggs
$10- one package of pork chops, one package of brats
$10- cucumbers, carrots, and leeks
$10- two bunches of bok choy, one bag salad mix, one bag arugula
$3- radishes
$10- two bunches asparagus, one bag popcorn
$3- rhubarb
free- one bag salad mix, one bag spinach, two packages micro greens (gift from a vendor at the end of the day- perks of being the market manager!)