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Chives, Chard, Bloomy Rind Cheese, Mint, Asparagus, Cucumber, Kale, Turnips, Rhubarb

Featured Produce: Turnips
”Although we think of the turnip as a root vegetable, it’s technically the swollen base of a stem. Ancient turnips would have looked more like a carrot instead of the round variety that we know today”.

Here are 7 things to make with it this season:

What’s the cost breakdown of all these wonderful goods?
$58.50, including more than what is pictured above. This will last all week for two adults, plus maybe $20 spent on extras at the co-op.

$7- two cartons of eggs
$10- two packages of pork chops
$10- two packages of lake trout
$10- cucumbers, chard, rhubarb
$8- asparagus
$2- mint
$3- mint
$3.50- turnips
$5- cheese
free- chives (the tops were leftover from our cooking demo)