Cauliflower, pea shoots, honey, apples, eight ball squash, cucumbers, tomato, eggs, fresh pasta, oyster mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli.

Meal Ideas: Pasta with Oyster Mushrooms and Tomato, Cauliflower Fried Rice, Broccolli Stalk Salad, Microgreen Pesto, Salty Honey Pie

Obviously sugar cane does not grow in Michigan, but luckily we have a few wonderful substitutes that can be locally produced- honey and maple syrup. Substituting them for sugar in your baking recipes will require a little math and experimentation, but try it a few times and you'll soon figure it out. 

Also... check out our new pasta vendor, West MI Pasta Provisions! You'll find the owner, Michael, in the courtyard of the market most every Saturday.