Meet Emily at Your Local Vegan Bakery from Augusta, Michigan. Emily just started vending at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market, and not only bakes all of the goods by herself but she also cooks and would like to open up a coffee shop or bakery of her own in the future. Most importantly, she provides her customers with all vegan products and she uses as many organic and non-GMO products as possible in her recipes.

Emily tries to veganize classic baked goods and all American recipes to make them much healthier for people. She is always thinking about the next recipe she will bring to the table, and hopes for more people to try vegan goods and understand the benefit while still eating something with a pleasant taste.

Describe your business in one sentence.

Your Local Vegan Bakery uses minimal, high quality, and plant based ingredients to provide vegan baked goods that are health conscious and ethical, good for you and the planet!

What is the most popular item on the menu? What's your favorite flavor?

Donuts! Customers love Donuts, especially the chocolate ones. My favorite flavor is definitely the Maple Spiced Magic Donut, but I'm always coming out with new flavors.

What's a business that you frequent at the market? What do you buy there?

I usually visit Kahoona's Kitchen and Java Jones Handcrafted Coffee. I love Kahoona's Krunch Bars and Paydate Bites. I always get coffee at Java Jones and my favorite flavor would have to be the Costa Rican Coffee or Pure Michigan Blend.

Why are you vegan? How did that come about?

I just decided to stop eating meat one day and then from that I learned about veganism and started transitioning away from other animal products as well. I've been vegan for three years now. I am having fun connecting with more like minded and vegan people in the community through my Instagram, as well as the VegOut Kzoo Facebook Page.

How has the Farmers Market helped your business?

The market has been the only place where I sell my goods right now. I love the market and it's been a great experience so far for testing out my products and seeing what people like. 

 Do you have any future objectives?

My goal is to continue using high quality ingredients such as whole wheat flours, cane sugar, natural nut butters, and local ingredients whenever possible.  I'm working on having more gluten-free options and heading towards being oil free! 

Be sure to find different flavors at Your Local Vegan Bakery at the market every week at the Tuesday and Thursday markets from 7 AM to 2 PM.