Green onions, spinach, purple asparagus, watercress, maple syrup, rhubarb, black licorice butter, strawberries, kale, eggs, sunflower, chives. Did you know you can eat the purple flowers too? 

Meal Ideas: strawberry muffins, toast and jam, kale and sausage soup, watercress and chive scrambled eggs, egg salad and spinach sandwiches, asparagus quiche, chicken and kale salad. And all that rhubarb? Try rhubarb lemonade sweetened with maple syrup! You'll end up with rhubarb sauce for ice cream or granola, along with plenty of syrup for drinks all week.

A note on seasonality- onions and garlic tend to be in most every dish we make, but they aren't actually in season yet for a few more months. You can easily swap them out for something like green onions, green garlic, leeks, or chives for a similar spring time flavor.