Cauliflower, garlic, black radish, eggs, leeks, zucchini, chestnuts, kabocha squash, cherry bomb pepper, serrano pepper, kohlrabi, microgreens, purple potatoes, bok choy

Meal Ideas: serrano pepper salsa with zucchini tacos, roasted kabocha squash soup, kohlrabi radish slaw, garlic mashed cauliflower and purple potatoes, spicy coconut salmon curry

Did you know that we have local salmon, whitefish, and lake trout at the market? Dave from Young Earth Farm sells it and travels up North every few weeks to stock up from the Native Americans who catch it. Until I started working at the market, I had no idea that salmon lived in the Great Lakes. You can learn more about why the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on their website, but the gist is that in the 60's an exotic species called the Alewife went crazy and was dying off by the millions, leaving popular beaches full of rotting fish. The salmon were stocked in the lake to try and control the species (spoiler alert- it worked!), and now those of us near the Great Lakes can enjoy locally sourced salmon!