On Wednesday June 22nd, the 100 Mile Market hosted a family friendly Kids Carnival and Market! The 100 Mile Market features products grown or produced within a 100 mile radius of Kalamazoo, Michigan! It was held on the bike path behind the People’s Food Co-op, right next to their gardens. The market organized a few games such as bean bag toss, ring toss, water gun games, and face painting (by Chris Orsolini, our wonderful deli manager). Other activities also included a juggler, hoola hoops, live music and a bike to make your own smoothies by the Fresh Food Fairy

There were also many deals going on inside the PFC, including buy one get one popsicles, and sales on kids sun block, string cheese, and pears. The deli also had a kids friendly menu of mac and cheese and sloppy joes. And of course, very local vendors, from one hundred miles away or less!

Why 100 Miles? Here at the co-op we define local as coming from within 100 miles of Kalamazoo. Local food is important because eating local food means eating fresh and seasonal food that has not be transported far in a truck or a plane. Additionally, buying local means economically helping your local producers.


Healing Heart Psychic Services (readings) (Kalamazoo)
The Cheese People of Grand Rapids (about 50 Miles)
Season for a Reason (Kalamazoo)
Jovalve Food Company (Kalamazoo)
Sunlight Gardens (Battle Creek)
Kalamazoo Sausage Co. (Kalamazoo)
Tower Garden by Juice Plus (Kalamazoo)

The next 100 Mile Market will be held on Wednesday July 27th from 3:00-7:00 pm. Blueberries will be ready, and we are hoping to see a lot of people there, to have as much fun as we had this Wednesday!