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Become a Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vendor at our markets! Applications were due on March 15. Our application will remain open until mid-summer, but know that space is limited for both seasonal and daily vendors and will be assigned based on the needs of the market and our space availability.

Please read the Rules and Guidelines before submitting an application. Thank you!

NOTE: As our season is well under way, we are unable to personally respond to all applications put in after our March 15 deadline. We will reach out to your business if we are interested in, and have space available for, your products.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to sell at the market? What are the hours?
A. Market hours and stall prices vary by placement and market. Please read our 2019 Rules and Guidelines for more information.

Q. Will I get a space this year? Can I get on the waitlist?
A. Maybe! If we can't find a spot for you this season, we will keep your application on file for the next. We do not have a waitlist though, as we look to replace vendors based on what products we feel we have a need for at the time. Things we think about when bringing in new vendors include: Is this vendor the best that we have seen? Do we have too many of the same type of vendors? Have they participated in our weekday markets? Does this business excite us? Are they using ingredients sourced within Michigan, located within 100 miles of the market, or creating their products from scratch?

Q. When will we hear back?
A. We hope to respond to all applicants by April 1 via email.

Q. How many customers are there on an average Saturday?
A. Check out our 2018 End of Season Report!

Q. I’m an independent consultant with LulaRoe. Can I get into your show?
A. We do not accept franchises or independent consultant type businesses. Best of luck!

Q. I’m thinking about starting a business. What licensing do I need?
A. Many products sold at the market require licensing. Temperature safe items like baked goods can often times be made under the Michigan Cottage Food Law. Food trucks need to have a license through Kalamazoo County. Small wineries that want to sell at markets need to be approved through the MLCC. All other food product licensing will go through MDARD. Feeling overwhelmed, or maybe you’re in need of a licensed space to make your goods? Contact the Can-Do Kitchen and consider enrolling in their camp!

Q. I’m interested in the Portage Market. Where can I find out more?
A. After three seasons, we’ve decided to hand over operations of the Portage Market to the City of Portage. We’ve truly enjoyed starting this market, and look forward to seeing how it continues to grow! Next season, the market will be open from May 12 to October 13, on Sundays from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.

For more information, visit their website.

Q. My non-profit would like to set up a table on market for one day. Where can I find information on that?
A. We typically have room for a one community outreach booths at each market. 
     Click here for more information.

Q.  I'm a local musician. How do I sign up to play at the market?
A. We have a few sets open on market days. Click here for more information.

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