Hey Youz Guys! 


Chris with Youz Guys Sausage Co. began making traditional style sausage back in the days when the likes of Frank Zappa and AC/DC were still rocking the stage with heavy hitting guitar riffs and eight minute solos. You can tell from his hand photoshopped portrait showing himself playing air guitar in a background of flames that he has a bold style. That style no doubt translates into his products and fortunetly for us he wears a shirt while working.

Youz Guys offers a variety of sausages made from quality meats that all have a distinct and standout flavor You can find Chris vending out of his tent in the courtyard of the Kalamazoo Farmers Market every Saturday during market season. The rest of the year you can find him hand twisting some fresh sausage links in the storefront and kitchen located at 8847 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002, just north of Austin Lake. The shop is open Tues- Fri from 11-6pm and Saturday from 9-3pm. I picked up some of his BBQ Chicken Sausages when I visited and they turned out great on the grill. It was the first time I tried a chicken sausage, I was pleasantly surprised by the zing of barbeque flavor they kicked out with each bite. 


Below you can see Chris preparing a pork sausage spiced with LT's Angry Mustard, another Kalamazoo Farmers Market vendors product.  Each week he hand grinds, and twists up to 500 lbs. of fresh sausages links, and what he cant use he donates to the local food pantry Twelve Baskets. All of his sausages are made from quality cuts and as Chris puts it there is no "junk" in his sausage. The pork sausage is made from shoulder which has a good mix of fat and muscle. The beef sausages are made with meat from V&V butcher shop in Kalamazoo. Each sausage is hand cranked out of the sausage stuffer and encased in natural casting like they have been for centuries. Lastly, Chris demonstrated to me his signature sausage twisting technique; he had the whole process muscle memorized and he made quick work of pile of sausage. It was as if I was watching a skilled guitarist strum an old familiar tune. 

Stop by Youz Guys shop in Portage to enjoy some rock memorabilia and stock up on delicious sausages. During the Holidays they will have their special Swedish potato brats, Lebowski sausage, and maple bacon coffee breakfast sausage available.