One of our new vendors this market year is Salt with a Kick (formerly Season for a Reason), a line of seasoning salts made from a zesty blend of salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, cajun, paprika, oregano, and parsley. The business is owned operated by Alicia, Aaron, and their mom Lori, and the idea first came to them in a church service where the family was thinking of different ways to bring in income. All three thought of their dads seasoning and ran with the idea. The late Gary Alan Clemens had never written down the recipe, but with a few tries they were able to recreate it exactly! Soon after they entered the Starting Gate program at WMU, and accelerated certificate program for small businesses.

Salt with a Kick uses a portion of all sales to give back to local organizations in the community. They're keeping track of how many jars they sell, and when they reach five hundred they know they'll have enough to donate to FridayGroceries and provide five hundred meals to those in need. 

When was your business created?

That's a bit of a tricky question. We were selling door to door last year, so it's been about a year in the process. The first store we got into was the PFC, followed by the markets this May.

Describe your business in one sentence.

We're a line of seasoned salts, best described as salt with a kick, and we give back to the community with every container sold. 

What is your most popular item on the menu? What's your favorite flavor?

Gary's classic- it's the second level of five blends, and the original created by our dad. I have been known to pour a little on my hand and eat it plain... It's that good!

Any new items soon?

No, but we did recently add in five different flavors and spice levels. 

What is another vendor at the market that you frequent? What do you get there?

I try to buy something from someone new every week, but we do frequent Gypsy Kitchen. Their Fudg'in Fiddle Stix cookies are the best.

What is a surprising fact about your business?

We took our dad's classic recipe, and made it our own. It only took us a few tries to get the recipe just how we remembered it. 

You'll find Salt with a Kick at both the 100 Mile Market and the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. Look for them in the courtyard most Saturdays!