Jackie Klinger is the woman behind Jackie's Bakery, but did you know the name comes from four generations of Jackies? She, her grandma, mom, and oldest daughter are all named Jackie! Her mom has been baking since she was a small child, and Jackie has many fond memories of sitting on the counter and watching her grandma cook. These days the kids are learning to bake from Jackies mom, and you'll often find many members of the family at our markets.

When was your business created?

We’re about a year old, and started out at the market around this time last year.

Describe your business in one sentence.

We’re a home based business that makes everything homemade.

What is your most popular item on the “menu”? What's your favorite flavor?

We sell all kinds of amazing treats, but right now it would be our strawberry rhubarb pie. My favorite would be our peanut butter fudge.

Any new items soon?

We are looking at making a line of low sugar or sugar free items .

What is another vendor at the market that your frequent? What do you get there?

I use Scobey’s for produce that goes in some of our specialty products- for example my strawberry rhubarb pie and zucchini bread. I try to support local vendors as much as possible. 

What is a surprising fact about your business?

We do multiple markets and custom orders as well. You'll find me at Portage Market on Sundays!

You can find Jackie's Bakery on Facebook, or give her a call at (269) 213-0481 for more information and special orders!