About PFC Markets



The purpose of the PFC Markets is to connect customers and market businesses through honest relationships & supporting community and local economies through a thriving market culture.

We accept many forms of currency, including Food Assistance benefits to ensure the products of our market are accessible to more people in our community.

We will be encouraging market customers to respectfully ask about their food and food sources. We will be more transparent with the information we collect and share with the public. Please use this website to learn more about the businesses in our market and the food they create.

Thank you for your support of the PFC Markets! We're looking forward to an amazing 2017.


While we love & appreciate all guests - unfortunately our market is not a safe space for pets (of any kind) - the exception is, of course, service animals. Please leave your pets at home, and see the Market Manager with questions.

Signage & Categories

There are 4 categories we request every market business to self-identify their role in our farmers' market as: Retailer, Grower, Producer and Artisan.

All of these roles are significant to our farmers' market and to our region's thriving food system. It is important to emphasize that this new signage represents a cultural change for our market and will take time to complete.

Food Assistance & Alternative Currencies

A large part of expanding access to the Farmers' Market is the use of an alternative currency system. We distribute and redeem various food assistance currencies to support folks with food assistance benefits. Check out this blog post and the comics below to see how it works!


Comics by Simon Kalil Borst

Comics by Simon Kalil Borst

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